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"Big The Cat" is the 11th episode of TT Shorts.


Hey guys! Here it is the Big The Cat video I said I might do hope you guys enjoy it! see ya next time in the next video also one last thing who’s your new top 3 sonic characters you want to see in the videos!


Big the Cat and Froggy are having their good quality time outside to go fishing, only until Froggy roams off much it repels and frets Big as he hurries to locate his frog. Meanwhile, Sonic got suddenly interrupt by a loud banging noise at the front door, just as he was about to spend himself a peaceful moment on his couch. Annoyed, he answers it to meet Big the Cat who pushes him away to storm inside to find Froggy. Sonic decides to help him out for the search of his lost pet, only after get crossed by Big’s over-saying “Froggy” to his questions he asked him. Upon the search party, little did they aware that Froggy is inside Sonic’s house as he hops around to one room to another, where he is in sight by Sonic’s roommates, only before/after Sonic and Big asking Froggy’s location. At the end, the duo then gives up for the search, until Froggy appears in overjoyed Big’s eyes. Prior to their attempt to leave, Froggy, on the other hand, wants to reside Sonic’s place, much to Big’s accord and Sonic, as usual, irked by welcoming them to his home as part of his family.



  • This is the first TT Short since The Dragon Fruit.
  • This marks the debut of Big The Cat and Froggy.
  • This is the second time Tails wears Jet’s goggles. The first time is The Vase.


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