Jet The Hawk (pronounced J-E-T) was one of the original main characters in Titototter. He was known for having massive ego, and for simply being a crybaby in general. He was also bisexual, having a crush on Shannon and getting horny talking about Ronald Weasly. Little Jimmy is cosidered as his son because he married Metal Sonic. He is considered a non-returning character due to a personal problem. 

He is portrayed by Logan Thirtyacre.

However since Logan kicked Tito and his family out of his life and left Titototter as of 2019 once it came out that Chilly had cheated on Logan and was using him for money, Jet is now a retired character.


Jet is known to have a in-and-off personality. He is a liar, as he is so cool that Sonic obeyed him in the problems. Like Sonic, he is a Harry Potter fanboy.

Criminal Records


Characters he arrested

Likes & Dislikes


  • Monkey
  • Sonic
  • Tails
  • Harry Potter
  • Tails New Sneakers
  • Chaos Emerald
  • Gummy Bears
  • Doritos (Red Bag (currently), (Green Bag (formely)
  • Basketball



  • Jet is known to have a passion for basketball.
  • Jet is a police officer, but despite he is a police officer, he is sometimes a Criminal, because he murdered Tails in several videos, he killed Chaos in a video with the same name, and cooking an Onion, and he stole Sonic, Tails and Panda's Halloween Candy in The Candy Problem!, and he also broke Sonic's Sonic Toaster in Sonic Toaster
  • despite Jet confessing he was slow on his first appearance, he's shown to be fast enough to go back in time in The Vase.
  • Jet is (at least for now) the only main character that is voiced by Logan Thirtyacre.
    • Since Logan Thirtyacre kicked Tito and his family out of his house and currently left Titototter as of 2019 to focus on SBL and officially Jet will never appear in any future videos anymore since he was officially killed off by Panda's taser in The Candy Problem. It's unknown of Jet will be re-casted or Tito will voice him. but despite this, Jet is very popular among TT fans.
    • He has not made a physical appearance in 2020, but was mentioned in the 2020 episodes Stolen Onion and Sonic's Sickness.
    • However, in a recent vlog Chilly posted, it was revealed Logan and her (along With Tito) are all still friends. When the crew fires shots at Chilly they just joke around, so It's Possible that Jet could Return in Titototter.
      • However, in a livestream with Lovell (a SML cast member) said that Logan is still no where cool with the Jimenez siblings.
      • However, Some people were saying in the comments that Anthony (The Voice Of Knuckles) Could replace Logan as the voice of Jet, But this is still unknown at this time.


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