Knuckles the Echidna (or Knuckles for short) is a main character in Titototter.

He made his first appearance in TT Movie, Knuckles.

He is a red echidna with big Knuckles, anger issues, and has a medical condition called tumors, which is what is on his knuckles. He is also very short.

He also hates being called short mostly by Jet, which makes him beat him up pretty badly.

He was mentioned in Knuckles The Hand.

Criminal Records

  • Assault: he beats up Jet in several videos

Likes & Dislikes




  • Knuckles was once a hand, as proven in Knuckles The Hand
  • Knuckles and Sonic still seem to have their rivalries from the mainstream series
  • Knuckles, ever since Shadow's Plan, has had a deadly fear of Panda, even willing to pay Vector a few hundred just so he can't see Panda.
    • This is also shown as Knuckles and Panda are never seen in the same room (or sometimes episode) since that episode
  • He has not appeared in 2019, it is unknown if he returned to Angel Island after King Slime took Sonic's House and kicked everyone out
  • Many things about him were found out in Knuckles Returns
    • Knuckles is somehow able to eat the Master Emerald, as proven in "Knuckles Returns". He doesn't state how, as he doesn't like to talk about it.
    • Knuckles seems to have a crush on Amy, as he is seen flirting with her.
    • King Slime has a restraining order on him

000 Easier to find "SONIC, THIS GUY KNOWS ME!"

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