"Knuckles" is the 14th episode of TT Movies.


I'm back baby!!!! My dawg Knucks Knucks with his tumor hands but he don't care (kinda) also you should call him short he absolutely loves it


000 Easier to find "SONIC, THIS GUY KNOWS ME!"

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  • This video uses the popular Ugandan Knuckles meme pronounced "DO YOU KNOW DE WAE"
  • Knuckles was voiced by TriTriTri A former SML cast member.
  • This is the first Titototter video of 2018.
  • The original Knuckles Episode was uploaded on July 26 2017 but was renamed Knuckles The Hand to not get confused with the real Knuckles.
  • This marks Vector's first appearance in a Titototter video.
  • At the end of the episode the giveaway winner for the Sonic and Tails plush is reveled which is JJ The Crazy
  • The is second time that Chaos Emerald appeared. First appeared in Team Maria
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