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Mario Mario, or simply Mario, is a minor character in Titototter. He appears in the episode that shares the same name, Mario and Meatball Sub. He is a fat baggy ass plumber with an inflated head who loves meatballs. He also has beat up Sonic the Hedgehog and was murdered twice.

He is portrayed by Logan Thirtyacre (2017), Anthony Miller (2020).


  • Mario in Titototter has some similarities with the Mine Bird in SML. First, they both say only one word. Second, they are both annoying and take something from one of the main characters. and Third, they only made 2 appearances until their death.
    • however, Mario appeared 3 times as of now.
  • Mario has died thrice one being suffocated in a pillow, one being stomped on and one being run over by Sonic in a car.
  • Mario's head is bigger than his entire torso.
  • Mario's shoes look like meatballs which is his favorite food.

Criminal record

Assault: He usually beats up Sonic.

Attempted Murder: In Meatball Sub he tried to strangle Sonic with a rope.

Breaking In: Because of Sonic taking the last meatballs, he breaks into his house to get them.


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