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"Meatball Sub" is the 5th episode of TT Shorts.


Panda wants a meatball sub and then Sonic gets one for Panda


The video starts out with Panda playing Roblox. Sonic comes in and Panda ask Sonic for a Meatball Sub. Sonic ask why Panda can't get it for himself and Panda responds that he has to play Roblox. Sonic then went on a drive through and got the last Meatball Sub while Mario is just next by a car also wanting a Meatball Sub. As Sonic went home, Mario ran and attack demanding the Meatball Sub. Sonic trys to ask for help but Mario went and attack him for a while. He then tries to take the Meatball Sub when Mario was unconscious but Sonic went and attack Mario as he woke up. Mario use a toaster to attack him but Sonic then went back at attack Mario back. Mario found a mystery block and got a Mega Mushroom and turn big attacking Sonic trying to get the Meatball Sub. Suddenly, Sonic came back with a Mini Mushroom and Mario turn tiny. Sonic stomp on Mario and take the Sub. He gave the Sub to Panda and the Panda thank him. Sonic ask if he can play Roblox and Panda said he is not sure if he is prepare. The video ends..




  • This marks the second and final appearance of Mario until "Mario Returns".
  • This is first time that word ''meatball'' is used in the title.
  • This is the last Titototter short to be uploaded on October in 2017.
  • This is Panda's first appearance since "Mario (episode)".
  • As of June 13th 2021, this is the most viewed TT video, with 7.3M views.
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