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    Welcome to the Wiki!

    Hello, and welcome to Titototter Wiki this wiki is about Titototter which anyone can join! and you have just made your first edit on the Shadow's Plan/draft page making you an active user here! please read below to know more about this wiki:

    This wiki is about Titototter and is meant to be really serious so please put in real stuff not fake stuff and we have a manual of style: Titototter Wiki:Manual of Style spamming and vandalism is very prohibited here and go to Community Portal to make a good start here

    Also you can interact with Titototter fans here also if you like to then get a avatar or avi for short for your userpage and you can change your Preferences to whatever you like why don't you leave a message on someone's message wall or start a blog and choose a board since it's the forums here also don't act crazy we don't want the wiki to just be known for having crazy users.

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    Please check the wiki rules to make sure you will be a very good user here. also stop pages from getting vandalism and the thing you should do here is edit!

    Also before you go this message was sent by a Wikia bot so please don't reply here because it will leave the admin in question instead if you need help contact a admin on their message wall and make sure to meet a lot of new friends here and make sure you have a nice stay here

    --Love from, Titototter Wiki Admin  ;-)

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