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Monkey "Maria" McDonald is a main character in Titototter. He is known for his obsession with onions, and he will do anything for them, also being loud and annoying everyone. As much as Monkey may be seen as an antagonist, he is still loving friends with Sonic and the gang.

He is voiced by JJ Jimenez.


Monkey has been shown to be quite selfish. In "The search for the Leprechaun", he wasted all the three wishes Sonic, Tails, and Panda and achieved on onions. And, in Shadow (episode) he ran out of the onions and cried about it for almost all the video.

Monkey has been shown to be selfish and greedy at times, but that doesn't affect being loving, cute he is today.

Criminal Record

Likes & Dislikes



  • Panda
  • Bananas
  • Lack of Onions
  • Liars
  • Apples
  • Adna (for Giving him a Banana)
  • Panda's singing


Dragon Form

this is Monkey's Dragon Form that only Appeared on The Dragon Fruit, he Turn into a Dragon after Eating the Dragon Fruit, he Beat Shadow, and he turn back to Normal by Eating a Onion, the Plush of Monkey's Dragon Form is the same used from The Dragon from Werehog


  • Despite being a monkey (which are often thought considered skilled climbers) he is shown to be quite weak.
  • Monkey is a plush from Ronald McDonald House.
  • Monkey's Parents were mentioned in Sonic's Sickness. and Monkey said he misses his Parents because they like bananas while he loved his onions and his parents kicked him out because of his love for onions.