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Panda is a character in Titototter. She is known for being a evil/cute whiny panda who cries a lot and wishing to be an All-White Panda. Her dad was killed by a poacher. Her mother thinks Fred is ugly.


Panda is shown to be a character that always have things to never go her way. In her first appearance, "Sonic and friends: The search for the Leprechaun", Monkey wasted all their wishes on onions and in "TT Short: Sonic's Pet", she gets bitten a lot by the shark. she is an almost tortured character due to her always having bad luck. And she is also shown to cry and get angry a lot to over the sometimes, stupidest of reasons. In " TT movie: Jet", she was crying over the fact that she wants to be a "all white panda", which cries about a lot throughout the series. She always has a reason to cry, especially due to her bad luck trait. But, in "TT Movie: Sonic's Dad", she is shown to be kind and helpful, as she almost saves Sonic. In some cases, Panda can be really rude to others such as her being very rude towards Monkey all cause he took her wish for an onion.

Criminal Records



Panda seems to really loathe Monkey, due to the fact he wasted the wishes granted by the Leprechaun, and still complains about it to this day. she never gets along with his wasting very well.


She is shown to be very loyal and a good friend to Sonic, which this is mostly shown "TT movie: Sonic's Dad", where she not only convinces Sonic to call his dad, but also helps Sonic's dad believe Sonic's lie about him being a doctor.

Likes & Dislikes


  • Roblox
  • Meatballs
  • Green (her Favorite Color)
  • Sonic
  • Tails
  • Stitch
  • Killing Monkey
  • Sending Monkey to North Korea
  • Teen Titans (her Favorite Show)
  • Fortnite (her Favorite Game)
  • Her father



  • Panda seems to be a second sidekick to Sonic.
    • In the videos, The search for the Leprechaun and Sonic's Dad, She was referred as a he.
  • Panda still has some of her panda traits, as being really heavy in her first appearance.
  • In Stitch It is revealed that She Teen Titans is her favorite show, but It's unknown if she likes Teen Titans Go or not.
  • Despite being a supportive character, she is shown to be the main antagonist of The Evil Prankster.