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"Sonic’s Big Fear" is the 3rd episode of TT Shorts.


Sonic got a nightmare and then Shadow and Monkey try to help Sonic get rid off his fear


Sonic the Hedgehog wakes up with a frightful shriek from his nightmare, just as it got heard and taunted by Shadow and Monkey, thinking his scream resembles a little girl’s scream, much annoyed Sonic. Sonic tells the two about his horror dream of a big spider (tarantula), since he has a case of arachnophobia. Shadow and Monkey decides to help Sonic to cure his fear, as well as teasing him, by using the giant decorations of spiders from the couch to the dark closet, scaring Sonic in the process. Finally, they forces him to pet a real tarantula in a jar, which Sonic did, but that cause Sonic to suffer a seizure after a spider bit him, follow by Shadow, which Monkey, however, in his hesitation, refuse to touch a spider. At the end, both Sonic and Shadow wakes up from his nightmare, which Shadow is also developed with arachnophobia. The video ends where Monkey taunts the two hedgehogs over their fear of spiders and leaves, and the furious Sonic and Shadow launches out of bed to kill Monkey.



  • This video is similar to an SuperMarioLogan video known as Bowser Junior’s Biggest Fear! Bowser Junior's Biggest Fear!.
  • This is the final video where JJ voices Shadow.
  • This video reveals that Sonic has arachnophobia, which is a fear of spiders.


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