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"Sonic Goes to Sonic" is the 16th episode of TT Movies.


Ok ok look, see I made a mistake and I only realized it because one person said "Tito why is sonic not talking" and you know what I did when I read that, I took the video down and I fixed it! yep.....well anyways you guys waited long enough here's the video Hope you guys enjoy it! Tell me what you guys think about it on the comment section below please I need more comments I like to read them come guys I'm practically begging.....yeah it's getting awkward now I'm just gonna upload the video but before I do that I'll like to thanks that random person for telling me because I messed up bad anyways Thank You you're the real MVP!


The video starts off with Sonic about to watch TV, when Tails come and ask Sonic to solve a 5x5 cube in 15 seconds before it explode. Sonic did not solve the cube, when it turns out Tails was just Kidding, they then watch TV. And Vector was in the news and he make a commercial about the restaurant called Sonic, he leave a phone-number of " 1-800-Vector ".

Sonic Want to go, even though Tails wasn't really hungry, he still go with Sonic. Sonic and Tails then arrive in the Drive Thru in Sonic, Tails say to order Mozzarella Stick with a Small Coke, saying that they have the best Mozzarella Stick in town, and it turns out Tails have ever been to Sonic and he show his gold card from Sonic. And Sonic was ready to order, Sonic order a Super Sonic Cheese Burger with extra Bacon, two Mozzarella Sticks, and a Small Coke. The Food was $34.17, then Tails ask Sonic to use his Gold Reward Card and throw the Card. They got their food ant they go back home, then we got our first look on Amy Rose.

They come back at home with their food, they only find two Mozzarella Sticks, Tails ask Sonic about what happen and Sonic thought that he ordered two ordered but he ask for two Mozzarella Sticks, Tails ask for the two Mozzarella Sticks, but Sonic disagree. Tails say that Sonic can have the Mozzarella Sticks another time and give him the Burger.

Then Sonic sit at couch with Panda, and Panda was mad because she want to be a all White Panda. Then Sonic eat his Burger, and he say something is happening inside him and he turn to Super Cinos, Panda call Sonic/Cinos Ugly, Pnada then figure out that his name is backwards for Sonic, Cinos ask Panda to step aside or else he will kill Panda, she ignore Cinos and Cinos throw Panda, she then knock a Lamp, hit at a window. Then Shadow come and see Panda in the ground and ask what happen to her. Panda explain it was Cinos, Shdow knows that is Sonic but backwards and he attempts to avenge Panda.

Shadow then find Cinos bigger that he thought and say he will be back. He put a box and stand on it to be the same height as Cinos, but still not enough. Then Shadow attack Cinos but his attack was useless and Cino knock Shadow, hitting the lamp then the window.

Tails was in the couch saying that sonic would be jealous because he ate the Mozzarella Sticks and see Cinos, Tails start saying of how delicious the Mozzarella Sticks were and ask Cinos to smell his Finger, and Cinos smell Tails Finger. Then Cinos say he want to Conquer the world and kill Tails. Tails was Confused and when Cinos was about to knock Tails just like Panda and Shadow, his Stomach began to crumble and he go to the restroom. He go to the Toilet and change back to normal Sonic. Tails come to the bathroom and see normal Sonic. Sonic forgot what happen and all he remember was eating the Burger. And Tails explain everything, Sonic thinks that was his Super Form. Then Tails realize that Cinos was Sonic in backwards. He ask Sonic to never buy the Burger, Sonic say Yes only if Tails give him the Mozzarella Sticks then he will not order the Burger. Tails promise he will give some Mozzarella Sticks to Sonic. The Video Ends with Tails saying he will get them for Sonic.



  • This marks the first appearance of Amy Rose.
  • This is the first TT video of March 2018.
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