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Ogilvie Maurice (Sonic) The Hedgehog (or simply just known as Sonic) is the main protagonist of the Titototter series. He is portrayed by the creator of Titototter, Tito Jimenez.


Sonic was born in June 23, 2003 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. When he was 4, he had superpowers.

When he turned 8, he went to first grade. During his kid years, he met Tails, who would later became his best friend.

After he turned 14, he didn’t attend college and he and his best friend Tails moved to Pensacola, Florida. During his teenage years, he met some people such as Knuckles, Jet and Shadow.

When he turned 16, he and Silver (who was Jet’s replacement for Sonic and later became friends with him) was kicked out by King Slime and forced to stay outside.

Since he was kicked out by the latter, Amy finds him and Silver in a box and takes them to a new home.

After he moved to a new home, his life comes crashing down when Amy is around him. He is now living in hell, once in hell, upon hell thanks to Amy.

As of today, he spends his days dealing with Amy, handling Knuckles’ anger, and hangs out with Silver and Tails.


Sonic's personality seems to be similar to the SuperMarioLogan version of Mario, but displays some interesting traits too, such as when he attempted to kill Mario because the plumber tried to take his meatballs, lied about his leg being broken to Jet, and did not at all want to approach his dad again because of him not attending college. He also seems to a cheater as shown in Tail's Losing Streak, and is shown to be a robber in The Stolen Ring. He also assaulted Knuckles in Knuckles Returns

He is shown to generally be a nice guy by helping Panda get Meatballs when she's sick and helping Jet get a date. Even though he is side toward Tails like in Tail's New Sneakers, he is generally helpful among the two in relationships. Even though he makes fun of Jet and even spread hatred toward Tails sometimes, they still considered them as friends despite being mean spirited to them. He also is a Harry Potter fan.

But since he moved to a new home due to him being kicked out, he moved on from being nice to being rude.



Tails is Sonic's best friend and loyal companion. Tails helps Sonic with various problems he has, such as his leg being broken in TT Movie: Jet. Sonic is a close friend with Tails. However, they do occasionally get in arguments like in Tail's Losing Streak and Tail's New Sneakers. Other than that, they are real friends and even have their own friendship handshakes.


Panda is another friend of Sonic, who Sonic also treats well.


Sonic first despised Jet due to him being a jerk to him and him being extremely cocky. After a race among Sonic and Jet, he became one of his best friends. Jet is usually still pretty greedy among Sonic but usually they do get along well even if Jet is a trouble causer. In the future in the episode The Vase, Sonic kills Jet due to him destroying his deceased grandmother's vase. When Jet left the series (possibly because Logan kicked Tito out of his life and left TT to focus on SBL), Sonic has not mentioned him.


Sonic treats Monkey good, unless Monkey is acting completely retarded.


Sonic loathes Mario for taking the Meatball and attacking him for the meatballs Sub that he needs to give to Panda. This is a reference to how Sonic and Mario were enemy in the video game.

Amy Rose

His relationship with her is not that good either. He often hates her when he is by her side and she doesn't stop getting in his way. However, as shown in Sonic Gets Jealous, Sonic Simping, and Homeless Vector, he would be upset or jealous if Amy's dating someone or if guys are flirting with her. There are also some rare times that Sonic shows kindness towards her.

Cream and Cheese

He doesn't like them just like Amy.


In the early years, He and Knuckles were shown to be bestest friends alongside Tails. This is a reference to Team Sonic in any Sonic game. After 2 long years, their friendship came to an end when Sonic became mean and rude and moved to a new home due to him being kicked out.


Werehog Form

Sonic's Werehog Form

this is Sonic's Werehog form who first appeared in Talking Food and Werehog. It's Sonic when he got injected by Monkey. And for that, Sonic gets mad and tried to kill Monkey, he beats up everyone except Spongebob and the Toast Cop. He was going kill Monkey, but he turn back to normal, and somehow forgot the whole thing. In Sonic's Losing Streak, he briefly turns into a Werehog again after he and Shadow lost to Tails in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Super Cinos

Super Cinos

This transformation only appeared on Sonic Goes to Sonic. It's Sonic after eating the Super Sonic Burger with extra bacon and extra super. He looks like Super Sonic, but he's ugly and bigger. He beats up Panda and Shadow, and then he went to the bathroom to take a crap, making him going back to normal.


  • This version of Sonic does not seem to show his super speed most of the time, although he showed it once, in Jet, where Jet races against him, only before Jet trips Sonic.
  • Sonic has a tendency to cheat in Super Smash Bros.
  • Sonic has appeared in every single Titototter video except Shadow's Plan.
  • Sonic is arachnophobic, particularly of tarantulas, as revealed in Sonic's Big Fear.
  • It has been shown that Sonic is a sweet, caring friend, since he got Panda meatballs for Panda while she was sick.
  • Sonic is shown to have a deceased grandma that die being hit by a basketball by Jet.
  • Sonic is potentially use as a clip in a SML video known called Bowser Junior's 9th Birthday