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Titototter (known colloquially as TT) is an independent production company which launched as a channel on YouTube and on October 16, 2016 they started creating plush videos despite the fact the channel was created on September 7, 2013 It also has a mix of characters from different franchises (the current ones are Sega and Nintendo) all created, written and produced by Tito Jimenez.

Four seasons have been released as of 2020.

000 Easier to find.jpg "SONIC, THIS GUY KNOWS ME!"

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Series Overview

Series Episodes Year Title
Pilot 1 2016 n/a
Season 1 15 2017 "Beginning Age"
Season 2 16 2018 "Rising Age"
Season 3 13 2019

"Outside Age"

Season 4 39 (as of now) 2020 "New House Age"

Total: 84

Pilot: 2016

The Search For The Leprechaun is the first ever Titototter video to be uploaded it is also the first and only video in Sonic & Friends

Season 1: 2017

Ep N°: Episode Name: Air Date: Description:
1 Shadow (episode) May 29, 2017 A toast cop is looking for a hedgehog but then he goes into a rampage then Shadow breaks into a house with his partner in crime then things start getting interesting, aw yeah
2 Werehog June 5, 2017 The sequel to The Talking Food, Sonic attempts to capture minkey for what he has done to him but Monkey won't let that happen after seeing how Sonic is.When Monkey needs help the most a guardian come to help by sending warriors and then that's when the fun begins.
3 Jet (episode) June 11, 2017 Sonic and Tails hear a cry and it turns out it was panda who wanted to be an all white panda all was well (kinda) until the hear a noise coming outside and it's the one and only Jet with a G.
4 Sonic's Dad June 18, 2017 Sonic calls his dad for Father's Day! Featuring "SuperMarioLogan" and "Chilly"
5 Mario (episode) July 4, 2017 The dance battle of the century!!! The pain and suffering of Sonic. The epic battle for meatballs The all nighter The video that was suppose to be uploaded on Sunday but its now being uploaded today The amazing, The brilliant, The one and only TT Movie!!! Hope you guys enjoy!!!
6 Magic Ball July 12, 2017 Shadow finds a magic ball ask monkey for help then things go wrong.
7 Tails Losing Streak July 19, 2017 Tails can't beat Sonic in a game and things start to get out of hand.
8 Knuckles The Hand July 26, 2017 Sonic and Monkey playing an intense game of UNO until they get a unexpected visitor.
9 The Vase September 1, 2017 Jet does something so bad, so unforgivable that even The Great Teeds fear for his safety. Can he even be forgiven? Will he find a way to solve his problems? What will happen if he doesn't find an answer?
10 The Stolen Ring September 16, 2017 Tails is seen finding something to eat, because he is hungry. He finds a can of nuts, only to discover the only thing there is in it is a post it that says 'Deez Nuts'.
11 Jet's Date September 23, 2017 My boi J(G)et finally gets a date I'm so proud of him. They grow up so fast, I'm rooting for you J(G)et you got this.
12 Tails New Sneakers October 5, 2017 Dails gets a new pair of sneakers and my boi Jet will do anything to have Dail's sneaker
13 Movie Tickets November 27, 2017 Tails won two tickets to the movies and decides to take Sonic with him, but Jet really wants to go as well.
14 Team Maria December 5, 2017 Shadow recruits Panda to Team Maria so he can finally get rid of Sonic once and for all
15 You're A Savage Mr.Grinch December 26, 2017 The grinch is stealing presents! I hope you enjoy this short! New videos every week starting next week! Merry Christmas!

Season 2: 2018

Ep N°: Episode Name: Air Date: Description:
16 Knuckles (Episode) January 27, 2018 I'm back baby!!!! My dawg Knucks Knucks with his tumor hands but he don't care (kinda) also you should call him short he absolutely loves it
17 Chaos February 20, 2018 Get wants Sonic's chaos emerald but so does Chaos find out who gets it in this long awaited, super dramatic, and super spectacular TT Movie
18 Sonic Goes to Sonic March 2, 2018 Ok ok look, see I made a mistake and I only realized it because one person said "Tito why is sonic not talking" and you know what I did when I read that, I took the video down and I fixed it! yep.....well anyways you guys waited long enough here's the video Hope you guys enjoy it! Tell me what you guys think about it on the comment section below please I need more comments I like to read them come guys I'm practically begging.....yeah it's getting awkward now I'm just gonna upload the video but before I do that I'll like to thanks that random person for telling me because I messed up bad anyways Thank You you're the real MVP!
19 St. Patrick's Day March 17, 2018 Happy St. Patrick's Day!
20 The Life of Vector March 27, 2018 you're about to see what vector does in his daily life!
21 Jet Hurts His Leg April 9, 2018 Get falls down the stairs and breaks his leg and then bada bing bada boom you got this video, I hope you enjoy this video!
22 The Chaos Emeralds April 17, 2018 Everybody wants the Chaos Emeralds!
23 The Master Emerald June 19, 2018 knuckles finally finds the Master Emerald and now everyone wants it!
24 Sonic's Birthday! June 23, 2018 It's Sonic's Birthday!
25 Monkey's Wish June 30, 2018 Thank you all for 500,000 subscribers!!!! I love all of you!! You guys are the best!!
26 Jet's Fireworks July 4, 2018 Happy 4th July!!!!
27 Shadow's Plan July 31, 2018 Shadow's plan to eliminate Knuckles.
28 Tails Never Fails August 10, 2018 N/A
29 Jet's Cheesy Problem September 4, 2018 All Get wants is to make a grill cheese but the cheese keeps disappearing.

Hey to the two people that actually read this I personally want to say you're freakin amazing and you know what I'm currently typing this meaningful message at exactly 2:15 a.m. because I believe we can truly bond in my video description. Not gonna lie but I might do Big The Cat next who knows well anyways see ya later alligator.

30 Halloween Competition October 31, 2018 Happy Halloween Guys!
31 Panda's Sister November 4, 2018 Panda's sister decides to come visit Panda.
32 The Grinch Is Back December 28, 2018

Hey guys....oops sorry for the late video

Season 3: 2019

Ep N°:

Episode Name Air Date: Description:
33 The Chicken Pox January 10, 2019

Boy oh boy someone just got the chicken pox 0_0

34 The Search For Onions January 26, 2019

My boi Monkey is looking for some onions but he seems to be having a little trouble finding them.

I like to shoutout my Mom, my dad, my sister, my brother, my Fans (I Love You Guys), also Logan, and the sonic team, also Sega, the person who made sonic, and my one friend who no longer makes videos because she's always busy and also in a different continent, and you know what guys, shoutout to my Fans once more because you guys are amazing!!!

35 Sonic Toaster February 1, 2019 Sonic got a sonic toaster...yeah
36 Sonic's Nightmare February 12, 2019 Sorry for the late video :-p
37 The Evil Prankster April 1, 2019 Now you guys must be wondering if this a dream or not because I haven't uploaded for so long but don't be mistaken this is a new video. Also don't forget to prank your friends and family but just don't go crazy like Panda. See you guys in the next video!
38 Sonic's Losing Streak April 18, 2019 Welcome back to another video! Hope you guys enjoy! Also just follow Tails instructions and we will have ourselves a winner!
39 Metal Sonic's Baby June 17, 2019 Metal sonic realized he can't have a family on his own and Tails my buddy always has a solution
40 Amy Rose July 27, 2019 Amy is obsessed with Sonic!
41 Amy's Love Problem July 31, 2019 Amy wants help from Panda to tell Sonic that she likes him
42 The Candy Problem! November 1, 2019 Hey guys! I've finally made a portal to an alternate dimension where this Tito actually uploads on time hopefully I can contain the portal so I can keep taking his/my videos but we will see.
43 Silver the Hedgehog December 8, 2019 Silver has arrived!
44 King Slime December 12, 2019 Sonic decides to babysits King Slime's kids so he can get one million gold coins but then Silver hears this and decides to split the cash with Sonic but Sonic will only do it if Silver babysits them
45 Sonic Gets Kicked Out! December 21, 2019

Now, this is a story all about how Sonic's life got flipped-turned upside down And I'd like to take a minute Just sit right there I'll tell you how I became the prince of a town called Bel Air

Season 4: 2020

Ep N°: Episode: Air Date: Description
46 Silver's Valentine February 18, 2020 Here's a super late Valentine's Day video Also more videos coming soon
47 A Way Back Home February 21, 2020 Sorry I forgot a little part I needed to add for the video and I still don't know what to call this video. But I'm back with another video and Happy Friday and enjoy the video!
48 Silver's Snack Frenzy February 26, 2020 have to walk my puppy today but it looks like it's about to rain...I should really get a raincoat. I also mispronounce Hostess so now I feel pretty stupid Hope you guys like the video!
49 Knuckles Returns March 8, 2020 Knuckles doesn't chuckle
50 The Sickness April 2, 2020 Get rekt scrub! 1v1 me bro! You're trash boi! Get on my level peasant! Go back to playing animal crossing you pathetic noob!
51 Cream and Cheese   April 12, 2020 Happy Easter everybody!!! Now I'm going to sleep 0_0
52 Kirby April 22, 2020 A little pink boi named Kirby has arrived!
53 Silver's Revenge May 2, 2020 To the people who read this what's your favorite color? Mine is green also to the person who won, congratulations on getting it!
54 Beach Day May 6, 2020 And now I know why nobody films outside. I forgot there was a fury hot ball of plasma called the Sun lingering above me, burning me, tormenting me, and wishing for my death to be painful and slow while I'm out there filming thinking when will it end? Is this even worth it? Will I be cooked alive before I get to finish? But I pushed on praying for my suffering to end until suddenly I realized, I did it! I have finally finished the video. Soon after I grabbed my belongings and ran to my best friend named Shade. You see, Shade is a true friend as she blocked the evil Sun protecting me from the heat but their was a limit to what Shade can do. As time went on the Sun began to become aggravated realizing it can not harm me as long I'm with Shade so the Sun trying all his might to burn me alive decided to move across the sky in order to harm me but what the Sun didn't know was that when he moved so did Shade still protecting me from harms way until eventually the Sun ran out of room across the sky promising to return tomorrow to finished what he started and as the Sun disappear so did Shade because without the Sun their is no Shade. So as we say goodbye to them someone new arrived to say hello and her name is the Moon. So anyways like I was saying filming at the beach sucks. Also there is my hair in a scene and I want to die because of that it’s so distracting.
55 Stolen Onion May 9, 2020 Why, when he was a young warthog When I was a young wart-hoooog! Very nice! Thanks! He found his aroma lacked a certain appeal He could clear the Savannah after every meal I'm a sensitive soul, though I seem thick-skinned And it hurt that my friends never stood downwind And oh, the shame (He was ashamed!) Thought of changin' my name (Oh, what's in a name?) And I got downhearted (How did you feel?) Every time that I- Pumbaa! Not in front of the kids! Oh... sorry
56 Monkey's Bad Day May 15, 2020 Video Sponsored by Ridge Wallet: https://www.ridge.com/TEEDS

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57 Silver's Fight! May 20, 2020 Hermione: Oooooooh Harry!!!

Harry Potter: Hey Hermione want to see my wand?! Hermione: Oooooooooooooh Harrrrry!!! Video Sponsored by Ridge Wallet: https://www.ridge.com/TEEDS Use Code "TEEDS" for 10% off your order

58 Shadow's Pet May 23, 2020 Simba!!! Long Live the King!!!

Video Sponsored by Ridge Wallet: https://www.ridge.com/TEEDS Use Code "TEEDS" for 10% off your order

59 Losing Maria May 27, 2020

Had to re-upload and remove a couple of background songs in the video because I wasn't allowed to use them O_o Sorry about that and I'll see ya guys in the next video! R.I.P. Mufasa

60 Shadow's New Toy June 3, 2020

But seriously though, when is Rick Grimes coming back?

61 Chick-fil-A Sauce June 6, 2020

The Sauce!

62 Garbage Monster June 9, 2020

One video at a time and another video gets demonetized

63 Sonic's Sickness June 12, 2020 Is it really considered breaking and entering when you used to live there?

No. Maybe. Who cares! I had to get the video finished! Also Sonic's eyelids kept falling off all the time!

64 Shadow's Birthday! June 19, 2020 Now for the juicy question!

Who has bought Belle Delphine's OnlyFans? You bunch of freaks! Also Happy Birthday Shadow The Hedgehog!!!

65 Sonic's Birthday Wish June 23, 2020 Happy Birthday Sonic!!!

Also I spent an hour trying to think of a new title but then I quit so now I got two videos with the same name O_o Update: I found a new name

66 Knuckles' Necklace June 27, 2020 *Warning the description is very long*

Here's a story of an echidna that found a necklace in his island (Angel Island) he decides to show off his new necklace (and who wouldn't? If you got it, flaunt it) anyways long story short he shows off the necklace, everybody wants it. Knuckles ends up losing the necklace and then he starts harassing the suspects which things start to escalate. Knuckles ends up stealing Maria the Loin and Shadow is not having none of that so then they start fighting. Now what's the point of watching the video when you got the whole plot in the description (kinda) Ok I'm not gonna lie the only reason I started typing was because youtube said the video was going to take 22 minutes to upload so now I'm bored waiting for it to finish but here's kinda the good news I have about 10 minutes left now, but wait there's more! Apparently the description says I can put 5,000 thousand letters not including spaces those count towards the limit thing. Oh my gosh I was hoping the stupid upload would be done now but NOPE why would it be? Either I'm going crazy or the minutes are getting longer because sweet mother it said 2 minutes left 5 minutes ago. Well... at least the bathtub is comfortable because I'm going to be here for awhile. I already wasted like 30 minutes just staring at this lovely screen. I was looking at my thumbnail and I came to the conclusion that there might be too much red. What do you guys think? I mean it looks good and I'm not going to change it anyways but still would like to know what you guys are thinking. Oh my goodness it's done it is finally done! hahahahahaha end me..... To the person that one single person that made it this far for some old reasons here's some things you may or may not know about me. 1) My favorite number is 5 2) Favorite color is green second is blue 3) My favorite Sonic game is sonic adventure battle 2 I freakin love that game 4) I love Mangos they're my favorite fruit 5) My favorite actor is Will Smith that man is funny you gotta love him 6) My favorite artist (singer) is Eminem 7) I'm ugly and I'm proud *Patrick in the background* Good, say it louder!

67 Cheese's Missing! August 16, 2020 If Sony doesn't let me preorder the dang PS5 soon I'm going to strangle somebody
68 Mario Returns August 18, 2020

The return of Mario

69 Sonic Gets Jealous August 23, 2020 N/A
70 Sonic Simping August 26, 2020 You're just a side character don't even talk to me
71 Hypnotized Tails September 1, 2020 N/A
72 Homeless September 11, 2020 The power of money!
73 The Hurricane! September 17, 2020 We filmed in a Hurricane! That's crazy dawg! My fence also broke by a tree but whatever.
74 Among Us September 22, 2020 Special thanks to these guys for helping me get an animation of Knuckles ending NiGHTS at 3 a.m. in the morning. Go check these guys out!

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75 The New House September 27, 2020 They move to a new house
76 Sonic's Bad Dreams October 3, 2020 As you can see this is a new video
77 IT October 10, 2020 IT
78 Scream October 12, 2020 If you guys don't like this video I'm quitting
79 Crazy Amy October 14, 2020 If you guys want to talk to me I'll be in VR Chat with my oculus quest
80 Vampire Knuckles October 16, 2020 I need 10 crowns on Fall Guys so please help me..I need the sonic outfit.
81 The Poison October 21, 2020 who has an oculus quest?
82 Murder Mystery October 24, 2020 Yo not gonna lie but cheese curds are literally the best thing ever
83 Jet's Dying Wish October 28, 2020 I need to stream more on my other channel also Jet came back
84 Tails New Pet November 10, 2020 If you need me I'll be playing the Xbox Series X