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Miles "Tails" Prowler (or simply just known as Tails) is a character in Titototter. He is an annoying orange fox with two tails that is known for being Sonic's best friend. He is voiced by Chilly Jimenez.


Tails is a caring person who enjoys almost anything but bad situations. He looks up to Sonic, his lifelong best friend, and loves his friends. Tails is really friendly to others people, especially Sonic and treats eat other with respect. He is also shown to be very sensitive in videos like Tails Losing Streak for losing a game several times. He is usually one of the smarter hedgehog considering he gives good advice and understands problem that occurs. He even creates Metal Sonic and often helps Sonic in situation. However, Tails is shown to be clueless sometimes like in Tails' New Sneakers where he was unable to recognize Jet in a costume, or Sonic's, new difference .

Criminal Record

Likes and Dislikes



  • Jet (formerly)
  • Losing his Dank Sneakers
  • Getting Pranked
  • Losing
  • Monkey's headphone
  • Sharky


  • Logan voices Tails in scenes where he and Panda are onscreen at the same time.
  • Tails were once designed as a puppet to resemble Jeffy; a well known SML character.


  • Hey Sonic, what doing
  • Yeah, Panda, you did ask for meatball soup, not chicken soup.
  • Sonic!!!!