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"Tails Losing Streak" is the 7th episode of TT Movies.


Tails can't beat Sonic in a game and things start to get out of hand.


000 Easier to find.jpg "SONIC, THIS GUY KNOWS ME!"

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  • Sonic
  • Tails
  • Classic Sonic
  • Spiderman (statue)
  • Squirtle (shell)
  • Kirby (in game)
  • Pikachu (in game)
  • Link (in game)
  • Pacman (in game)
  • Cloud (in game)


  • This episode is the first episode having a custom thumbnail.
    • But older episodes thumbnails have changed to custom thumbnails.
    • On November 12th 2020, This episode was Reuploaded as Tito said that on every thursday, witch would be throwback Thursday, a deleted video would be reuploaded on Thursday.


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