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"The Vase" is the 9th episode of TT Movies.


Jet does something so bad, so unforgivable that even The Great Teeds fear for his safety. Can he even be forgiven? Will he find a way to solve his problems? What will happen if he doesn't find an answer?


The episode begins with Sonic crying near a vase. Jet then comes and asks him if he wants to play basketball. Sonic declines and continues crying. Jet then asks of what is wrong with him. Sonic then tells him that his grandmother has died and continues crying. Jet replies that it is sad but he didn't know her. Sonic then tells him that he misses her and the only thing that he can remember her is her vase and he says that she gave it to him before she died and continues crying a little. Sonic then decides to go for a run. Jet then wonders who can play basketball with and he then says that now he thinks about it, he doesn't have a hoop and he wishes that he had a basketball hoop. Then Jet looks at the vase and thinks of it as a basketball hoop. Then Jet throws the basketball at it while saying "Kobe!" The ball then knocks over the vase and falls off the tabe, breaking it and shattering it. Jet then panics silently and looks down at what's left of the vase. Then he panics a little more and thinks that he can fix it and picks up a piece, only to drop the piece and break it some more. Then he says that he needs glue and tape. Then later afterwards, he manages to tape it and glue it back together. Then he picks up his basketball and almost walks away but he looks back and says that he could have made the shot but he missed as Colby and thinks that he won't miss as Curry. Then he throws the ball at the vase again while saying "Curry!" Then the ball breaks it again and it falls again. Then Jet panics again and looks at the broken vase again and asks himself how does he keep missing. Then Jet says that he can't put it back together as there were too many pieces broken apart and they are too small. Jet then thinks of what to do next and decides to go to the store to get a new one just like it. Later, Jet is seen at the store and spots only one vase that looks just like the one he broke. Jet then says that it must be his lucky day but unfortunately, he accidentally drops the vase and breaks it. Jet then weeps scaredly. Then he returns back to the house and hyperventilates and says that he can't believe that Walmart had another vase and he broke it. Then Sonic gets back from his run. Jet then gets up and nervously says hey. Then Sonic looks around and asks Jet of what happened to his grandmother's vase. Jet then lies to Sonic by saying that he went to get it washed for him at a car wash. Sonic then curiously says "car wash?!" Jet then lies again by saying that they are having a sale for grandma vase cleanings. Then Sonic says that the vase was pretty dirty. Sonic then asks Jet of which car wash is it so that he can run up to the car wash to pick it up. Jet then says that he can pick it up for him. Sonic then says that he can just run up to the car wash. Jet then says that it is not ready yet and says that he knows when it is ready and he will get it for him. Sonic then says okay and Jet tells him to not look over in the area where Sonic's grandmother's broken vase is. Sonic then curiously asks of what is over there and goes to take a look. Jet stops him just in time and says that it is nothing. Then Jet creates a distraction and lies by saying that he thought that he heard a car crash and says that he thinks that a cat died by getting hit by a Mongoose. Sonic then panically says that he has got to go save it and leaves. Jet then wonders of what he is going to do and says that when Sonic gets back, he is going to want his grandmother's vase. Jet then thinks of an idea and says that if he runs in the opposite direction of the Earth spinning, he can go back in time and stop himself from being Colby and breaking the vase. Jet then decides to do it and runs in the opposite direction to go back in time. Then in the past, Jet is about to throw his basketball at the vase but the present Jet stops him from shooting. Then the past Jet asks Jet of who he is. Then Jet says that he is Jet from the future and tells him that he is about to make a terrible mistake and tells him that he has to be LeBron. Then he throws the ball at the vase again while saying "LeBron!". Then the vase gets knocked over again and breaks. Then the two Jets panic and the past Jet asks the present time Jet of what did he do. Then he says that he tried Colby and Curry but they both didn't work. Past Jet then asks the other Jet of what can they do. Then the present time Jet says that he tried running back in time. Then they decide to go back in time to stop their other self again. they manage to stop him and tells him that he needs to be someone else. Then they decide to be Kevin Durant and they shoot again, only to break the vase again. They panic again and they decide to go back in time again and stop themselves again. Then they stop their past selves and they decide to be Michael Jordan. Then they trhow the basketball at the vase, only to break it once again. Then the older Jet gives up and decides to go back to the future. Then Jet wonders of what he is going to do as Sonic will probably yell at Jet. Jet then wishes that he could skip Sonic yelling at him. Then Jet thinks of an idea. Jet then says that if he could run into the future, he can skip Sonic yelling at him. Then Jet runs into future. Then in the future, Sonic, who has gone crazy, then yells at future Jet, who was brutally murdered by Sonic, about how he can't believe that he broke his grandmother's vase and chops his body up again with his bloodied knife and breaks down crying. Then Jet arrives in the future, only to discover his bloodied and chopped up corpse. Jet then decides to go back, knowing full well that Sonic will kill him when he finds out. Jet then asks himself of what he is going to do. Then he hears Tails in the living room, who is with a vase that looks exactly like Sonic's grandmother's vase. Jet then goes to ask of where did he get the vase. Tails then answers by saying that he found it at a garage sale. Jet then asks Tails if he could buy it from him. Tails then declines and says that it is not for sale. Jet then offers ten dollars but Tails angrily declines again. Then Jet offers five dollars, then two dollars, then one. Jet, who is desperate for the vase, says that he will do anything. Tails then thinks about it and asks about Jet's glasses. Jet then asks what about his glasses. Tails then answers by saying that they look really cool and tells jet that he said that he will do anything. Jet then says that his grandmother gave him the glasses. Jet then thinks about it and desperate to stay alive, decides to hand over his glasses, which makes Tails excited. Then as Jet was going to take the vase and leave, Tails cheerfully goes like "Aiiiiie!" and says that he can see everything. Then Tails continues making noises around Jet until he knocks Tails out and takes back his glasses and the vase. Then he goes back to where he was when he broke the vase before. Then Sonic returns and says that there was no car crash. Jet then says that it must be his bad hearing and says that he got his vase back from the car wash. Then Sonic goes to grab it but accidentally knocks it over and breaks it. Then Sonic cries again due to him breaking his grandmother's vase. Jet then leaves for a few moments but then returns and asks him if he has seen his basketball anywhere.




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