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Milenni Jimenez II, more commonly referred to as Tito Jimenez, is the creator of the Titototter channel and franchise. He runs his channel with his siblings and brother-in-law, which consists of Logan Thirtyacre, Chilly Jimenez and Julian "JJ" Jimenez Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/titototters/


Tito originally rose to fame because of the SuperMarioLogan community, and for his appearances in Chilly's vlogs. He also practically owns his own song called "Tito Come Outside", which you can buy here:


Tito also tackles fans who try to steal stuff from Logan and Chilly.

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Character Roles


  • Tito runs the Titototter channel.
  • Tito loves the Sonic franchise, that's why he makes Sonic plush videos.
  • He was also drunk once.
  • He and Anthony reconciled with Logan.

Tito and JJ high and drunk