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This is the chat policy page. The general policy applies to the Discord chat also.


  1. If you get 3 kicks in 1 day it will result in you being banned.
  2. Profanity is allowed as long as it's not to other users.
  3. Rudeness is not allowed, if you are being rude in chat you will get a kick or ban, especially if it's part of a meme or joke.
  4. Trolling is not allowed, if an admin or moderator sees you trolling, you will get an instant ban.
  5. if your annoying a user who told you to stop them, stop it.
  6. NSFW Linking is not allowed, it will result in a instant ban no matter the amount of kicks you had that day.
  7. No saying racist, sexist or homophobic words it will give you an infinite ban.
  8. Please be respectful to other users or you will be banned.
  9. Sockpuppetry in chat will give you an instant ban.

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